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About Sweta

I received my Masters in Counseling Psychology, with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy in 2011 from the University of San Francisco, in San Francisco, CA.

En route to MFT licensure, I received my traineeship experience at the Women's Recovery Association (WRA). As a Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee, my work centered around providing individual and group therapy to women in recovery from drugs and alcohol addiction. I facilitated many workshops at WRA, including a class on Seeking Safety, which was specifically aimed at helping clients develop coping tools for their PTSD triggers. Additionally, I helped build the curriculum for a Relationships and Love Addiction class, which helped the women to understand the dynamics of their relationships, as well as provide them with the skills to increase their sense of self, assert and maintain appropriate boundaries, and enable them to feel empowered in all of their relationships.

Further clinical training included an internship at CORA (Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse), where I spent nearly three years working as a Family Clinician Intern, providing counseling and case management to victims of domestic abuse and intimate partner violence. It was at CORA where I developed a strong interest in working with survivors of abuse. Through counseling individuals, children, families and groups, I was fortunate enough to bear witness to the immense strength and exponential growth of every client who came through the door. I was surprised and humbled by those who sought guidance, and in the process, found the courage to take bold steps to make a better life for themselves.

I have always believed in encouraging people to live life with a sense of passion and purpose, both in my personal and my professional life. Pursuing, and obtaining my license in Marriage and Family Therapy has afforded me the opportunity to continually be inspired by people who are willing to take a leap of faith, and trust themselves enough to get out of their comfort zone and grow, while trusting me to hold their experiences with honor and respect as I guide them through the often murky waters of uncertainty.

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